Terms and Conditions

"Contentigo" refers to the technology framework, source code, methodologies, models and documentation and use associated with this project.

1. Thomas Carnell is the sole owner of Contentigo and all associated intellectual property (IP).

2. Contentigo may only be used with the express permission of Thomas Carnell.

3. Thomas Carnell reserves the right to revoke permission for use, alteration or extension of Contentigo from any party previously granted permission explicitly or implicity for any reason without notice.

4. If a 3rd party is found to be using, or suspected to be using Contentigo without permission, a "Cease and Desist" order may be issued.

5. Penalty fines: fines may be issued at the discretion of Thomas Carnell to 3rd parties using Contentigo without permission. Although the amount of these fines is discretionary, an amount of €1000 per day, for each day Contentigo is used without permission can be expected.

6. If Contentigo is used by a party without permission, having been either revoked or never having been granted, Thomas Carnell reserves the right to persue legal action against the offending party.

7. A party using Contentigo will be implicitly bound by the terms within this agreement.

8. These terms may change at any time at discretion of Thomas Carnell.

9. Contentigo itself uses a number of 3rd party "libraries" - these are not part of the IP

10. Copies of Contentigo source code may become altered or changed by a 3rd party. Although these specific changes may not constitute the IP of Thomas Carnell, all underlying Contentigo source code and framework technology does.

11. Insignificant or structural or non-behavioural changes to Contentigo source code will not affect the ownership of the Contentigo source code or the IP afforded to Thomas Carnell.