An introduction to MVC

MVC is an architectural pattern that aims to seperate how data is used from how is it presented.

Structure of a contentigo site

A contentigo site must follow a fairly strict folder structure.

At the heart of everything: site.php

The site.php file is where your entire site is configured. Aswell as supporting a number of really useful configuration options the main purpose of the 'site.php' file is to map urls to views.

Site Resources

Contentigo is capable of serving up all kinds of extra 'resources' that your application might need, for example CSS, JavaScript and font files. This can be really useful for serving up different CSS or icon images based on the location of the user.

Multi-language and Multi-region Support

Contentigo has been designed with localization and internationalization support built into its very core.

The way Contentigo enables localization and internationalization is simple, unique and amazingly powerful - using a simple naming convention pretty much every site file can be internationalized. Templates, content, blocks, CSS and even JavaScript files can all be internationalized.